Venezuelan renowned composer and arranger, as well as considered one of the best performers of the “venezuelan cuatro” as an accompanying instrument. His works have been performed by several soloists and ensembles such as José Vicente Torres, Clara Rodríguez and Alejandro Guillén (pianists), Aquiles Báez, Saúl Vera, Béla Fleck, María Teresa Chacín, Orfeón Universitario, Los Sinvergüenzas, Gurrufío, Los Cuñaos. 


Camacaro´s list of works include 600 compositions and 500 arrangements for different orchestration formats. The most well-known is his Zulian dance "Señor JOU", that has been internationally versioned by various artists.


He has received multiple awards to honor his long artistic career and promotion of the traditional Venezuelan music, given by universities, national government, municipal councils and cultural institutions. In 2016, he received the Municipal Music Award "Otilio Galíndez".


Founder member of “Raíces de Venezuela” ensemble, with which he has shared stage with the most renowned Venezuelan artists and ensembles, Camacaro continues to offer his valuable contribution to culture through his work in the social-music program from El Sistema (Venezuela) called Alma Llanera.


Pablo Camacaro has proudly earned the title of Master, thanks to his contributions through his musical works.



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