Venezuelan composer and arranger with an extensive production of works, some of which in the beginning were focused on compositions for flute in different formats. In 1999, the renowned master William Bennett premiered his concert Nº 1 for flute and flute choir at the National Flute Association Convention in Atlanta, USA, with great success. One year later, he was invited by Bennett to conduct the recording of this work with the English Chamber Orchestra in a new version for strings and percussion.

Since then, Pineda´s catalog of works has diversified to encompass chamber works for different types of ensembles (woodwind quintet, clarinet quartet, brass and percussion ensemble, trio of reeds and mixed ensembles). It also includes symphonic music and concerts for solo instrument and orchestra (for flute, flute quartet, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, horn and trumpet). He has also made arrangements
and original music for multimedia exhibitions and documentaries.


Venezuelan and international soloists and ensembles such as William Bennett, Valdemar Rodríguez, Roberto Alvarez, Hernán Jara, Luis Julio Toro, Alexis Angulo, Ismael Reyes, Andres Eloy Medina, Venezuelan National Flute Orchestra, Miquirebo Venezuelan flute quartet, America’s Flute Quartet, Lagos Flute Quartet and the Massachusetts Flute Choir have performed and recorded some of Pineda´s flute production. His music has been present in renowned music festivals in Venezuela, as well as in many venues at the United States, Spain, France, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Singapore.

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